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Michael Mace

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Robbie Allan


Keith Wagner
John McCartney (ROX)
Peter Summons
Mark Redman
Raelene Darwin

Club Information

Dress Regulations

No person whilst in the premises of the Club shall be able to wear any clothing that in the view of management depicts that they are a member of or associated with any motorcycle group or motorcycle gang.

Please see club bylaws for further details. The following are not permitted in the club at any time:

  • Football or short shorts
  • Training apparel
  • Torn or dirty cloth
  • Bare feet
  • Men’s headwear
  • Bike shorts or swimwear
  • Offensive tee shirts
  • Dirty or torn footwear

The following are not permitted in the club after 6pm:

  • Singlets or Sleeveless Shirts
  • Work Clothing

Managements decision will be final in all matters relating to dress rules

Responsible Conduct of Gaming

Stockton Bowling Club is committed to providing gaming entertainment options for our members and guests in a responsible manner.

Think! About your choices call Gambling help 1800 858 858. Your player activity statement is available from the cashier.

Obscene or offensive language or clothing will not be tolerated. Management discretion will be final in all matters relating to dress and behaviour.

Responsible Service of Alcohol

The responsible service of alcohol aims to minimise negative social impact of alcohol consumption and ensure alcohol is enjoyed responsibly at Stockton Bowling Club. The Liquor Licensing Act aims to ensure that those who consume alcohol only do so in a responsible manner. Stockton Bowling Club is committed to the principles of the responsible service of alcohol. The following responsible service of alcohol practices are strictly adhered to at the club:

  • No liquor will be served to minors (under 18 years of age).
  • No intoxicated persons will be admitted to the Club.
  • Intoxicated persons will be refused service of liquor.

All the club’s front of house staff has been trained in RSA so all members and guests can be assured that they can enjoy the facilities of our club in a safe environment.